“Focusing on People – Learning and Growing” – the Foundation Philosophy

 The > Foundation Philosophy of the TGW Future Foundation, intended to guide both the TGW Logistics Group and the non-profit projects, is: “Focusing on People – Learning and Growing”.

TGW Logistics Group aims to put people first

“People are TGW Logistic Group’s focal interest; the aim of TGW Logistics Group is to be there for them. Employees – and all those for whom we carry out non-profit projects – should be given the opportunity to learn and grow, in other words to develop both their professional skills and individual personality.“ (Ludwig Szinicz, 2016)

The vision of the foundation`s founder is for TGW to develop further into a people-oriented company. Naturally, that can only work if the company is commercially successful. Yet even economic success can and must be combined with the endeavour to consider the people involved, focus on their needs  and to help them learn and grow. One of the fundamental conditions for this is that TGW should not be a community entirely governed by financial interests but also governed by purposeful values where respect, freedom from fear and trust are very important. It should enable people to develop both their professional skills and individual personality, and at the same time further corporate success.

TGW a foundation-owned company as a “loan” to the people working at TGW

Part of the Foundation Philosophy is also seen in the way in which TGW has been set up: Since 2004 the company has not been under any form of private ownership. TGW neither belongs to individuals nor a family nor to a company; it belongs to the foundation – and this does not have any owners. The advantage: this protects the substance of the comapny, and ownership remains stable, because the owner of TGW is and remains the foundation.

TGW can be regarded as a “loan” to the people working at TGW. Its aim is to be there for people. The intention is for the TGW employees to have the possibility to earn a living and also to develop personally. The goal of the founder is to do this more successfully than any other company.

The stipulation of the Foundation Model is that 2/3 of the profits of the TGW Logistics Group GmbH stay in the company. This is to safeguard the growth and the development of TGW  independently of banks and investors.

The founder Ludwig Szinicz describes the foundation-owned TGW as follows:

“TGW is a wonderful dairy cow. She is unique and sacred. For that reason, nobody is allowed to sell this cow or come up with any ludicrous projects like cutting steaks from her.

She is carefully and lovingly looked after, in order to ensure that she is happy to produce good milk and rear healthy calves.

The idea is that TGW milk be shared in a fair and prudent manner, one that takes into consideration the care and further development of the cow.

A substantial share of the milk is reserved for the cow’s calves.”

Future Wings: Non-profit projects for people not from the TGW Logistics Group

Through its > Future Wings Projects, TGW Future Private Foundation also implements non-profit projects and is thus also there for people not employed at TGW.