About the TGW Future Private Foundation

The TGW Future Private Foundation, founded in Wels (Upper Austria) in 2004 by Ludwig Szinicz owns the logistics company TGW Logistics Group GmbH. The TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems provider of highly dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions worldwide. In addition  the TGW Future Private Foundation empowers young people outside TGW to follow their own personal development goals to a promising future through its projects of the subsidiary foundation Future Wings and CAP.future.

The Foundation Philosophy of the TGW Future Private Foundation is: “Focusing on People – Learning and Growing”. It is intended to guide both areas – the industrial entrepreneurship (TGW Logistics Group) and social entrepreneurship (Future Wings, CAP.future).

In 2004, the co-founder of the TGW Logistics company, Ludwig Szinicz, gave his 100% share of the business to the TGW Future Private Foundation. The aim of this donation was to ensure the sustained continuation of TGW in line with his Foundation Philosophy, and to enable the company to maintain its independence.

TGW Logistics Group GmbH consequently became a > foundation-owned company in 2004.

Speech Ludwig Szinicz about the Foundation Philosophy with English subtitles (direct access to > Youtube Podcast)