Ludwig Szinicz’s vision

“People are TGW Logistic Group’s focal interest; the aim of TGW Logistics Group is to be there for them. Employees – and all those for whom we carry out non-profit projects – should be given the opportunity to learn and grow, in other words to develop both their professional skills and individual personality.” (Ludwig Szinicz, 2016)

Following and realising the founder’s vision, enshrined in the philosophy „Focusing on People – Learning and Growing“, is the stated goal of the TGW Future Foundation, with the following three approaches from different perspectives helping to shape this vision:

Ten guidelines for the Foundation’s philosophy

Ten general guidelines have been laid down in a Supplementary Foundation Deed to ensure that TGW Logistics Group continues to be run in the spirit of its founder, Ludwig Szinicz.

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Five-part Circle of Learning

The aim of the circle of learning is to provide guidance in everyday working life.

  • Purpose orientation: Start by asking WHY?
  • Corporate culture: Exemplary leadership based on shared values
  • Personal responsibility: Acting responsibly means seeking advice
  • Learning company: Trust is the basis for learning as a company
  • Human and professional growth: The individual matters and aims to develop their individual talents and potential.

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Three key issues

The three key issues stated below are what bring the founder’s vision to life for all employees of TGW Logistics Group.

  • Dual employee participation: Taking responsibility and sharing success fairly were particularly important to Ludwig Szinicz.
  • Values process: This process is an essential part of developing the corporate culture.
  • MINDtastic: Holistic program for professional and personal training and development.